IDEA OSG 1” Project

News - November 30, 2016

Throughout the history of space development, repeated collisions between man-made objects such as non-functional spacecraft, abandoned launch vehicle stages and metal fragments have generated a tremendous amount of debris, threatening the sustainability of the space environment. 

How much space debris is there? And why is it a problem?

Approximately 150 million pieces of debris (larger than 1mm) are orbiting the earth at the speed of 7-8 km/sec at altitude of 400-1000 km. These space debris increases the potential danger to the International Space Station, space vehicles and other spacecraft with humans abroad.

What is IDEA OSG 1?

IDEA OSG 1 is a debris tracking and mapping micro satellite designed and manufactured by Astroscale, headquartered in Singapore. The satellite is scheduled to launch in 2017 and will fly at altitude range of 600-800 km for two years to collect key data from the most congested orbits.

Space Debris & OSG

OSG learned of Astroscale and its mission against space debris during the 2015 Paris Air Show. Ever since its founding in 1938, OSG had vowed to contribute to the advancement of the manufacturing industry and society through innovative technology and superior quality products. OSG greatly empathizes with the urgency of the situation and felt the need to take action to help maintain sustainability of the space environment. OSG is actively supporting the project not only as a sponsor, but also by participating in the manufacturing of the satellite flange, which requires high accuracy machining and know-how. 

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