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Thread Mills - June 21, 2021


High efficiency thread milling of non-ferrous metals without pre-drilled holes.

Thread Mills - June 9, 2020

AT-2 Vol.3

Thread milling in high hardness steels without pre-drilled hole.

The AT-2 thread mill with end-cutting edge for high hardness steels is ideal for highly difficult high hardness steel applications. The risk of sudden tool breakage can be minimized by breaking chips into small and manageable pieces and evacuating them smoothly. Since no pilot hole is required, process integration and the risk of breakage can be avoided.

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Thread Mills - March 3, 2019


Thread milling without pre-drilled hole, also with internal coolant supply.

Thread Mills - March 1, 2019


The ThreadPro is a NC code generator software designed for Thread Mills. It is available in 12 different languages and supports 8 NC programming languages.
Improvements are made to the ThreadPro software regularly. Always use the latest version of the software when creating new programs. View user guide video.

WEB version of ThreadPro (Ver. 3.03)


  • Supports Microsoft Windows 7 or later operating systems.
  • OSG accepts no responsibility for losses arising from use of the program.
  • When HTML file made by ThreadPro is garbled, please change the browser' s encoding setting to Unicode.
Thread Mills - July 12, 2016

Thread milling cutters series VOL 6

Thread mills are tools designed to cut threads by milling. Thread mills are used on numerically controlled machining centers (NC) that have simultaneous, triaxle control and helical interpolation functions. In comparison to general tapping, thread milling is more stable with less cutting condition limitations in terms of chip management and coolant lubricity. Discover our line-up of thread mills inside the brochure.