Fresas de roscado - Octubre 23, 2020


The ThreadPro is a NC code generator software designed for Thread Mills. It is available in 12 different languages and supports 8 NC programming languages.
Improvements are made to the ThreadPro software regularly. Always use the latest version of the software when creating new programs. View user guide video.

WEB version of ThreadPro (Ver. 3.03)


  • Supports Microsoft Windows 7 or later operating systems.
  • OSG accepts no responsibility for losses arising from use of the program.
  • When HTML file made by ThreadPro is garbled, please change the browser' s encoding setting to Unicode.
Fresas de roscado - Junio 1, 2018

AT-1 VOL.3

Fresa de roscar en un paso con hélice a izquierdas.

Embedded thumbnail for AT-1 VOL.3
Fresas de roscado - Febrero 22, 2017

serie Fresas para roscar

Fresas de roscado - Febrero 22, 2017